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About Us

We believe that there is more to cannabis than just recreation (but we think that’s fun too). The founders set out with a mission to educate and destigmatize the use of cannabis for wellness and recreation. With creative backgrounds in film and rock and roll, they used their flare to create a setting that is welcoming and approachable for all levels of cannabis users and those who are looking to learn.

We are a cannabis lifestyle mercantile shop that works in tandem with our dispensary sister store, Paper and Leaf.  We source the highest quality organic single sourced farm CBD products. Our staff members are all provided educational training so they are able to help pinpoint the best products for your needs. In addition to CBD products we have a wide selection of smoking accessories ranging from the tried and true to the latest and greatest in vaping technology. In case you get thirsty or hungry perusing our selection or just need some easy munchies on the way home, we have a full cafe offering artisanal espresso and locally sourced gab and go items.